Plant-based nutrition drinks, such as NuZiwa Soya Drink, have a myriad of benefits for tots and adults alike.

Soya drinks are cholesterol-free and contain a lot less saturated fat. This fat promotes a healthy heart, due to its omega-3 quotient, as well as giving one that elusive healthy, glowing skin.

Other benefits include:

  • Combats high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, symptoms of menopause and premenstrual symptom (PMS).
  • Promotes a healthy gastrointestinal system, which definitely keeps things moving in the bowel due to its high fibre content (10 grams of fibre per cup)
  • Strengthens bones, especially for women who’ve lost bone mass after menopause, as it contains isoflavones – a plant chemical common in soya foods
  • Provides minerals for the body. Soya drink contains magnesium and iron. Magnesium ensures healthy working of organs while iron is especially important for vegetarians
  • Soya helps protect against breast cancer in women, especially if you eat lots of it as a child and teen, reducing the chances of having breast cancer by as much as half. Research shows that isoflavone, the phytonutrient in soy, may help shrink cancerous tumours